Ideas for D&D RPG “Road” or “Caravan” adventures

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This blog post came about as we might need a filler adventure session to allow for shipping/arrival for the new D&D Encounters adventure the “legacy of the crystal shard”

Now me as a DM I like story I’m not fond of battle after battle, and I like high fantasy

As  I might end up adding this road trip  as a start week for the Legacy adventure of which I know very little about this can add a few tricky things to consider,

Such as what’s in the caravan, what’s in the wilderness? Will it interfere with the Legacy story in some way?

For my D&D session I like to add a twist something none standard if possible an “M Night Shyamalan” twist.

I could just run a few  fights, your attack by wolves, further down the road your attack by bandits, that’s a little dull

A road block or a bridge or river to cross for a skill challenge that getting better this could lead to an ambush  that’s a little better too.. but its just a rail road of events… its still not offering any choice, it will be a plod from 1 encounter to the next..  even if the encounter its self is exciting…

What can we do about it? here are some ideas to consider that i hope to flesh out latter..

Personalities in the caravan:-

The leader? the other guards? passengers?

Are there rival merchants?

Other Factors:

What Goods? Dangerous or sort after or illegal?

Time will the pass close or be closing? Are the goods needed for an event  rescue/ cure?

Terrain/ Weather:

Will the terrain be an obstacle or a benefit

Is there a short cut?

Good movies for tv for reference:

Pitch black, – ending up unexpected hostile terrain/territory, a few factions in the party

Littlest hobo – the travel might be boring but the little stops might make a difference as you stumble upon events  in small villages that might cause a brief side trek.

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