Legacy of the crystal shard week 1

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Well done to Amazon for getting the module on the day! 

7 players 1 table 4th ed.

2 Rangers

1 thief

hex blade/ Sorcerer / cleric/ wizard

We ran the Weekend end event but 3 players where new to this session and i only had about 1 hour to read the background etc…

So kicked of with a repirse of the weekend, the ice wind call her magic the gates flew open and the Mother yet moved in with her horde of young following,  

I took 2 players down to Zero hp before the heros rallied and where able to barricade the doors with 2 carts signaling the watch to rally organize and chase the yetis off once more…

I wove the 3 paths in the end of the battle and recapped the choices again 

the hero’s listened to all 3 and went 3 ways as there was 7 players and we where running short on time after the battle i just had the group move from one to another so no one would miss out

the group seems split with the helping the merchant and the barbarian, and pritty much ignored the dwarf, though one did ask her what she needed,

I dislike mundane shopping and allowed a them to take a yeti corpse to a smith to craft a helmet, might make a point of this preventing the next crit i score of some such benefit  

but also as they helped the barbarian, i’m shocked they where lawful and investigated! totally out of character for my usual party who are these impostors !?! they found the original accuser and intimidated her in to getting her story confused and confessing, to the sheriff.

So barbarian free he want to regain his strength and set of the next day for his tribe, the party head to help the merchant

They arrive on the scene  and i stop at that cliff hanger! 

Really looking forward to reading the adventure proper and pulling out the detail and constructing the next few encounters!

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