Mean of dungeon master killed 2 PC for splitting the party..

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Mean old dungeon master


So my party wanted to split last week lets see how that works for them

For my night prep I look up all the tables and encounters and pre rolled the encounters

So I knew what would happen if they stayed in town of took to the road with on of the other paths


My party in there wisdom despite all clues not too decided to split the party now it’s a large group  so it might work, we hard a party of 4 and a party of 3.. party of 3 with no healer…going with an NPC


Party A stayed in town to guard the warehouse though they had already looted the silver weapons

Party B went with the barbarian  

It was quite easy to do the split 2 combat encounters I just ran 1 round for each party  so in essence it was not to different from 1 larger encounter just that part 1 could nto interact with B and visa a versa

Now 4th ed  is long, I dont like it it much and to make matters worse I did for get my stat blocks so I was improvising with assumed AC and DCs and to hits I did remember a fair few details to be honest as I did read  if about 2 hour before.. but the act of not having that little bit of info shook me so I didn’t think to adjust the monsters numbers encountered for the smaller party  and in hind sight I should have run a chase scene.. maybe just have them loop back to the city lost in the snow kinda of force a re group.. ahh hind sight..


Any way

Group 1 fought the bandits  at the warehouse they had a umber defender with 20+ AC who took the brunt I did take him down but he did his job and took the focus of the attacks and managed to get healed

Group 2 ran in to a wolves and an ice wolf and few turns in to combat,, unfortunately they where all the squishy types.. strikers and mages so they went down fairly quickly only the ranger managed to escape


So starting tonight I’ll have them all regroup in town, and the survivor tell them of the attack on the road to the north


I’m going to kick of this week with other survivors going back to city as they have tried to leave and have the heros hunt and kill  the ice with simarclian, idea from dungeon

The heros also know a wizard is running the warehouse thugs with slim, so they might stay and help the speaker  technically  I’ve a few days to kill now before the next event,  so should have a few opportunity’s to try and give some town flavour tonight and draw in the the new pc who I killed of last week


Things I’m toying with  Undead barbarian or barbarian ghost. Hengar

Oh 2 pcs bought some black ice tickets some im going to try and unsettle them a little, they them how the other PCs thought how bad they where in the previous battles

With Witch on the road,

I advised them to take the boat to Care Koing so I can have an aquatic or pirate fight..


I really need to map out whats going to happen in the next few weeks I ment to do this but was lazy! And distracted by xmas 

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