Catch up post new Year Crystal shard D&D encounters session run in 4th ed.

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I took a brake from posting as i’m looking in to talk to type software, as you can see i often miss little words which i think is affecting understanding,  strange thing is when i read it back my brain seems to add in missing words and letters so its hard for me to proof read, this post was written “normally” so forgive mistakes , i just thought i need an update and last night game went really really well, i hope my talk to type experiment works! and you see better looking and reading posts in the future!,

SO D&D Catch up post

Crystal shard D&D encounters sessions  run in 4th ed.

After stopping thieves robbing a 2nd wear house and being reward with silvered weapons the group decide to  visit  the dwarvern valley

On leaving the town the encounter a loud mob at the speakers halls all arguing about the leadership and the current troubles affecting ten towns, they discover there will be a re-election in 3 days, barely much time to visit the dwarves and return, however none of the standees look to evil so no real problems,

Other then a storm they get to dwarf valley, with out interruption, on the pathways on the cliffs they are stopped by a “Stokely” patrol,  they talk there way in, but have their weapons taken,

On the return the dwarf encampment, zombies attack in the tunnels the party go a round with out weapons and some good improvisation,  but quickly retrieve there weapons and dispatch the zombies

The patrol bottle it as a few heros are scratched, the patrol flee in terror of the zombie plague

A mass of zombies chase the heros and the fleeing dwarves, they make exceptional  work of this skill challenge chance, ( if they pass they get to the dwarf camp if they fail another zombie fight )

The Camps doors and close to the zombies and they heros are welcomed for there help in the matter, the leader Stokely  tell the heros of the Civil war type situation they are in, but more importantly the presence of a necromancer is suspected in deeper tunnels.

They heros opt to help and explore the deep tunnels at 1st they are taunted by a shadow, but continue they find a paniced survivor dwarf who they calm and he then show them the way to the attack sights,

They enter an abandoned dwarven city area, and feel a presence in the temple,  entering the burial area the catacombs of the temple they are attacked by zombies and large spider also the wizard kessel the shadow from the prior encounter makes a showing, it’s a tough battle but and the wizard makes to flee.

As the hero’s pursue,  the Temples guardians come  to life and say on priest of Moradin or the dead  can pass,  they are the protectors of the halls of the dead

After negotiation fails the statues combine to a large construct and the fight is on,  they take down the golem and proceed into the deeper temple they encounters the Temples forge and Kessel the necromancer wizard is again reanimating dead dwarves,

They are in elemental forge room for this encounter, Zombies on one with Kessel, the hero on the other..

Before things go any further Icingdeath slithers though the tunnels, his villainous speech declares the Dwarves valley is currently under attack from Elk and Bear barbarians,   and he’s been sent to track the scent of death in the tunnels,  and recruit or destroy its source,

Kessel now declare the hero’s should work together to destroy the new threat

The hero’s are undecided the dragon moves to attack both parties , Kessel has little power over the dragon them both being dead and him dealing necrotic damage,  however during the course  of the fight several of the vats or knocked over, causing lots of burning terrain

Good use of immobilization powers do prevent much of the dragons attacks also the hero party all seem to have AC above 18,  but burning and a few hits cause some panic and also this had been a running battle of 3 chained encounters, I allowed a brief short rest.

Icing Death is burned  and Kessel declares that game has shifted  and that his attention is needed else where and promptly managed to flee again!  Plenty of opportunity to get away with lots of burning lava in the path of the heros now..

This was part 1 of my interlude,

Because of the 2 week x-mas brake I wanted something epic to return too, so Kessel and Icing Death having a little tiff seemed appropriate,

I liked the dwarves temple catacombs setting idea,  I assume dwarf cleric would probably also smith and have a forge and made for a “Hobbit movie 2”  like battle scene.

Part 2 I think the ice witch is well in control despite losing her dragon,  with her barbarians now on the rampage, I also her her cults assassins to put in to play, and heros have of yet not met Berrik, but with the zombie issue stopped I think I’ll try and wrap that string up quickly  this will turn into a tale of how hero’s and dwarves saved Ten towns

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